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179d Energy Tax Deducts

Maximum Energy Payback (mep) is a dba of Danto Builders, LLC, and has a team of experienced energy analysis and verification professionals. mep completes 179D energy tax certifications for buildings that have been newly constructed or renovated in order for a commercial building owner or designer (of a government building) to take a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for energy-efficient HVAC, envelope or lighting systems. The designer who takes the deduction is the architect, engineer and / or contractor who is primarily responsible for the design of the energy-efficient systems of the government-owned building.

The 179D energy tax certification includes an energy model of the building meeting specific targets versus an ASHRAE-base model in an approved software and verification of the energy-efficient systems in the subject building. Designers also need to get an allocation letter signed by the government client that states they are primarily responsible for the design of the systems. This information is assembled in a report along with other information required under the Internal Revenue Code.

We have completed hundreds of certifications for CPAs, designers and commercial building owners across the country, saving our clients millions of dollars in taxes. mep has certified hotels, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, parking garages, schools, universities, courthouses, office buildings, community centers, municipal buildings, warehouses, hospitals, apartment buildings, military facilities, libraries and nursing homes.

The 179D energy tax incentive has been in effect since 2006, and is approved through 2020 as of December 2019. The tax incentive is taken in the year for which the building or renovation was completed. Most tax payers who need tax deductions will go back three years. Clients always need to consult with their CPA.

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