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Healthcare Construction

Healthcare construction requires specialized skills. Builders must be experienced and able to handle decisions that ultimately affect patient outcomes. Companies in the healthcare industry need to be able to work with builders and manage healthcare facility construction, expansion, and renovation from start to finish.

It does not matter if you are building a hospital, medical buildings, or any other type of healthcare facility, you have a lot to deal with.  The building process has never been more complex, nor has it required a deeper level of specific expertise.  Danto Builders provides a commitment to collaborate and work with your team during all construction projects.  Our goal is to ensure you have the result you want and need.

Constant Change in the Healthcare Industry

Major changes have occurred in the healthcare industry in recent years.  Never is that more apparent than it is right now.

The focus is more on services to keep patients healthy, as opposed to optimizing the number of sick patients in beds.  The experience we have in the industry is extensive and we take pride in always being on top of the latest trends in healthcare.  Our team can design and build healthcare facilities that not only meet today’s standards but will also serve you in the coming years.  Whether your project is a hospital, physician office, lab, or anything else, our designs will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Danto Builders has experience with projects that include:


Outpatient clinics

Surgery centers

Physicians’ offices


And more

We have seen healthcare design and construction evolve over the years and we have kept up with the ever-changing demand.  We understand the roles of medical breakthroughs, technological developments, and regulations play in creating your building.   We also understand that the goal is no longer volume-based care and instead is a value-based care model.  We want to help you achieve your goals.

The changing landscape of healthcare also means the construction of healthcare facilities has changed.  We take a modern approach to construction that includes several important elements, such as:

  • Support of core care functions and goals
  • Designs Based on Research
  • Long-term plans that support your facility throughout its lifetime
  • Innovative, collaborative, and value-based engineering
  • Sustainability

What do these things mean for you and your business?

Support for Core Functions and Goals

Much of the construction side of healthcare is about remaking spaces to focus on elements of core care.  This means design details must be intentional and have a functional purpose.  The decisions we make must consider your ROI and the value delivered in the long-term, not just how things look and whether or not they are aesthetically pleasing.

Our goal is to help you solve your most common problems with seamless construction.  We want your building to support the treatment you provide and offer a positive experience for staff, as well as patients and their families.

We create a facility master plan and healthcare floor plan for every project to help you achieve these goals.  The master plan outlines what our team of builders will construct now and in the future.  The floor plan considers your objectives and makes sure the design accommodates your goals.  The floor plan is one of the most important factors in healthcare construction because it affects:

  • Total size and footprint of the medical facility
  • Configuration and size of a building site
  • Safety and security of patients
  • Medical services you provide
  • Size of staff and patient load
  • Overall aesthetics of the facility

Designs Based on Solid Research

Ongoing research studies confirm what you likely already knew and what patients and medical staff experience all the time:

Our environment matters.

Research shows have shown that care environments have a direct impact on patient outcomes.  People fare better when they are in the right environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

We understand you want your building to take this research into consideration and design and build the best possible space to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Long-term Plans that Support Your Facility

There is no reason to keep re-inventing the wheel.  Once a community has a healthcare facility in place it should be there for the long haul.  By setting the right expectations and developing long-term solutions, we can offer buildings that last and meet demands now and in the future.

Innovative, Collaborative, and Value-based Engineering

In addition to giving you the most comprehensive plan for a building project, we also want to give you value-based engineering.  We believe an innovative and collaborative process is the way to achieve your goals – those that are patient-based, as well as those that are budget-based.

What we can provide surpasses your bottom line and ensures that every element of design and construction support your goals and your core vision.


Offering best-value solutions and providing you with the best possible build requires we find environmentally friendly solutions for some of today’s biggest medical construction challenges.  We understand that sustainability pays off in more ways than one and we want to offer long-term satisfaction by committing to the environment.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Construction Builder

At Danto Builders, we are design, construction, and renovation experts.

For many years, we have assisted the Fort Lauderdale community with the design, construction, and renovation in various industries, including healthcare.   Whether you are constructing, renovating or planning a major project in Fort Lauderdale, you need an experienced construction team supporting you every step of the way.

We understand that by using a smart building approach to design and construction, we can make our community a healthier place.  We take pride in what we do and the fact that we base our work on the most up-to-date medical building research.  Our goal is to help you and your staff promote healing and patient wellbeing.

Danto Builders is committed to satisfying each client by providing clear plans and strong support services that help you stay on budget and complete your construction project on your timeline.

To learn more or to find out how we can help you with your healthcare construction project, contact us today.