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Key Executive Staff
Craig Danto

Craig Danto, Chief Executive Officer, was raised in the construction industry in Michigan and has been in Florida for over 35 years. He has worked for and with some of the largest builders as a subcontractor, builder and co-developer. Craig’s experience in land planning and development and dealing with architects, along with his extensive construction and engineering background, allow him to quickly understand clients’ visions and place them on paper, work with design professionals and complete the development and construction efficiently and effectively. Craig has helped many clients develop and get approved zoning and plans for properties, which provide the best and highest use of the land. He provides in-house preliminary structural and design drawings, which help the communications among the engineers, architects, designers and construction professionals when developing plans and budgets. Given Craig’s relationships in the industry, he is able to contract quality and experienced resources to complete the construction. (For more information on Craig’s experience, see References and Project Experience.)

Debbie Danto

MBA, LEED AP, CGC is our Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the daily op-erations and business development of Danto Builders. She has over 25 years of experience in devel-oping and operating businesses, and 15 in the construction industry. Debbie graduated from Ohio State University with her bachelor of science in business administration and MBA from Cleveland State University. Her career started with Pizza Hut and Arby’s, which then led into working in the manufacturing, construction and engineering-related industries.

Mariana De Souza

Mariana De Souza is our office manager and fluently speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. She oversees our bookkeeping, insurance, bonding and office administration. She has a degree in business administration. Mariana has experience with QuickBooks Pro, AIA contract billing, job costing, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

David Pollio

David Pollio is a South Florida native with over 30 years of Architectural, Construction and Develop-ment experience. He Graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology and minor in Construction Management/Scheduling. David worked for RS&H for a year on the Fort Lauderdale International Airport before joining Melvin & Bren Simon’s Design firm. During the dec-ade of working for the Simon’s, Bren Simon became David’s design Mentor and they sponsored his University of Miami school of Architecture, 6-year Bachelor of Architecture, Florida Building Con-tractor and Real Estate license. David traveled nationally and internationally to implement Simon’s projects and projects for their clients. After Simon closed their design firm David incorporated and specialized in Owner/Development representation, Architectural and Construction projects, includ-ing on site Team for Nova Medical Campus, NCCI Build to Suit, extensive office and industrial pro-jects. Some of these projects received awards, such as BTS of the year, Industrial project of the year and published projects in Florida and Architectural Design. David’s education and experience allow Danto Builders to provide a unique team to its clients, which allows for full collaboration with design and construction professionals; resulting in timely, cost effective and prompt professional service to clients.