(954) 229-2006 debbie@dantobuilders.com

Melissa Garvey, Quadomain Condominium II Association, Inc.

“Dear Debbie –
We are very happy with the quality of your work. Danielle Lopata brought over the Recreation Engineer, Frank Iglesias and he also agreed.

Our Engineer, Angelo Miranda, was extremely pleased as was our entire Board.

What amazed me as well was the attention to detail in the book on Crystal Place that I was shown. That is organization to the max and exactly how I would like to see a job run here.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us to resolve this issue.

You will be first on our list when it is time to do our restoration.

I was raving about your work to a Board Member at Brittania next door and she was going to call your company for a quote on fixing her patio area. Her name is Roslyn Dormer and she attended both lectures.

Thank you again. I hope to be contacting you soon.

Melissa Garvey

Manager, Quadomain Condominium II Association, Inc.