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Sal Mauro, Owner, Casa D’ Angelo

“I want to thank Danto Builders again for putting in the extra effort in undertaking the Cuchina D’ Angelo design and build project in the middle of the season. I couldn’t believe that you got our Certificate of Occupancy within 40 days, given the average is three to four months! I was especially surprised that you were able to accomplish this given the scope of the work, including demolition, redesigning the kitchen and dining room and calling in an architect to draw ‘as built’ based on your design.

The compliments that the Cuchina D’ Angelo receives on its decor and finishes are directly contributed to the concepts, design and finishes of which you provided.”

Sal Mauro

Owner, Casa D’ Angelo

Project Name:  Cuchina D’ Angelo – Boca Raton, Florida
Crawford Design
Project Description: Entailed demolition, design and build out of fine dining restaurant and wine cellar in 40 days. Rebuilt kitchen. Features Tuscany wood-burning pizza oven, mahogany and etched-glass room dividers and custom precast and millwork. Built a private, soundproof dining room with wine cellar. The wine cellar is temperature-controlled with thermo glass and custom rod iron gate.